Sunday, 22 July 2012

Animal art

been looking at lots of art lately, trying to get inspired for my next project heres a few works i found

Artst: Kurt Halsey

Artist: Paulina Temmes

Artist: Rosemary Milner

Artist: Paulina Temmes

many days

today was good, left my small neighbourhood and took a bus with jane to Rozelle to go to the markets. Itwas nice there, i baught a cardigen and a dress for $15! i was very happy! i then decided to try a balini? itwas russian and a bit odd and unsure if it was really a good idea to be honest! but i still ate it and kind of felt a bit sick afterwards, but nevermind i was hungry. I had a cupcake and then we headed home to clean up the house a bit and read and work on some textiles samples for uni. A good day all round and now i drink tea and try not to watch bad tv until i head to bed for an atempt at an early night for a big day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

i shouldnt drink i should stay home and quilt instead

Another day spent in bed really. Was rather nice actually but oddly sad, ate alot of toast and told myself to try and think of tomorrow and how productive you shall really be. Saying that it's nearly 11am and im still here thinking about what to do, maybe go for a walk, maybe bake a cake! i know i shall buy art supplies and pretend im going to care about uni this semester instead of getting incredibly angry over silly old marks and sily old teachers.