Saturday, 14 November 2015

Post Travels

I've recently returned from a trip i took to overseas for around two months. I had saved up for years to take this trip,  and now being back i only wished i stayed longer. I feel so safe now though, being home and back on the small island that is Tasmania. I have always felt safest in this place, nothing too much ever happens, there are real seasons, the people are nice, the beer cold and the town quiet. Nothing intimidating, nothing too scary and many friendly faces. It's always very hard to come back from such a big trip, and i find myself getting older everyday, and panicking about where i should be in my life. As of right now i am living back in the house i grew up in with my parents and desperately trying to find a job so i can pay off my credit card. I just keep finding myself lying in the sun with my cat manny avoiding any kind of responsibility. Maybe i could be a writer, maybe i could be an illustrator, maybe i could be a florist, the list goes on, sometimes i wish i studdied better at school so i may have a real job and no money worries, but at the end of the day, i know id be bored.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tasmania and Melburne

Over the past few weeks i've finally taken a break from work and the city life that is Sydney. I travelled down to Tasmania to visit family friends and the lovely Alan, i got to go antique shopping, coffee drinking, board gaming, pub times, gallery times and so many other lovely times.
It really was just what i needed as well. It's strange being back, i forgot how important the seasons were to me the real cold winter evening and the fresh air. I still love Sydney but change really does seem to be in the air.
I'm planning my big trip still though! and soon enough when i save just that little more, and try not to go mad from working i shall book the flight and be on my way to the next big adventure!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New drawings

Hey there all!

The past few weeks i've had the worst flu! and it has been a blessing. As i had some time off just to hang out at home that i really honestly needed. Most days i would get up have a cuppa and just begin drawing, i forgot how good it makes me feel and thats the real reason why i draw nothing else. It'd my kind of therapy. Also i decided to buy some more art supplies at the Lovely art shop Parkers in the rocks! i got lost but found it in the end and filled up my watercolour tin :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tiny room

Recently i have had to change rooms to save some money, so i now have a tiny room in which to work, i often escape to the lounge room to work on the floor, but i do like to be amunst my things whilst working. At first the room felt cold and small and smelt strange, but today i added images of magazine clippings and interviews with some of my heroes. I feel like i shall sleep better tonight now. In my tiny cosy room where i can escape from things i'd rather not think about for now.

Monday, 4 May 2015


When i was around eleven i went through a huge phase of wanting to be a chef. I would come home from school and make up my own recipe's until i learnt that you really needed to follow one in a book first. Since starting to follow actual recipe's i began to bake all kinds of different things! i wold even have a pretend resturant where i would make my family sit at the table and i would take their orders and cook whatever they asked me too, it often tended to be such things as french toast, omlette's and toasted sandwhiches, all things that i got very good at making. My main dish though was pancakes! the first time i ever made them was with my friend Jessica and we completely ruined them and they looked like scrambled eggs and we called them scrambled AJ's. I never thought i'd make pancakes again. This was not the case though a few months later i gave it another go and i began to really love making them so much i would get up every single morning before all of my family and cook them all for everyone. I really loved being awake during such a fresh and beautiful time of day, it felt productive and i really enjoyed cooking for my family. This was all well and good until the cooking pancakes every morning when for an entire two months. To this day my sister still won't eat pancakes, she is now gluten intolorent and i am vegan! i still love making vegan pancakes tho!

Monday, 27 April 2015

New drawings

Hey there lovely people,

I have finally got around the scanning in a few works that i have done over the past few months! mostly in Tasmania, as that is when i tend to feel most inspired and have the time to really draw. Things are very strange of late! lots of change to deal with. But i am still planning a big trip overseas soon, and i beleive that when i get back i won't know what to do with all the inspiration. I'm planning on heading to Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, England, France, Singapore and maybe Berlin too. I'm very excited but of cause absalutely terrified at the same time. I think when i get back i'm going to live in Tasmania for awhile and get back to my roots and try and draw everyday, as it seems that, that is what makes me happiest and most content.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Another day

Hi there,

                   I seem to keep going backwards and forwards to a happy place and a sadder more self destructive place. I've always been like this, but when does it stop! when shall i feel honestly content. The past year i have experience what people like to say it the real world? i've been pritty much working full time and having a little more money than usual but nothing really to do with it so it gets spent on useless things and on my days off i find myself blind drunk at my local pub. Is this really what life is about? once you have that full time job, your just meant to stick it out and join the rest've the sheep on the train the central station, then change to bondi junction, to another place you never thought you'd hate until now. I find myself looking up pictures of other countries and dreaming of living in a forest with tree nimphs and elves who i spend my days with sketching them and learning about all there secrets. I'm unsure where this special place is! but i know i need to find it to be truely happy. Whilst i was in Tassie i came across and artist from America called Pheobe Wahl who's art i could really connect with! i hope you like it as much as i do.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sold Print

Late last year i sold my first print to the lovely Christina. She showed me photos of it framed and hung in her apartment in Melbourne. She has really inspired me to get more prints done and to set up a Etsy store. You really need to make time to do the things you love. I also did a few drawings last night inspired by some of the photos i took in Tasmania at Christmas, some included jam jars and a white fence from a house i used to visit in the summer as a kid.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Christmas in Tasmania

Late December i escaped the heat of Sydney to the place where i grew up. It was so very beautiful and the air so crisp and clean i almost forgot why i ever left.