Thursday, 19 April 2012

stresss, love and anxiety

So i don't think ive stopped to smell any floweres this week! it seems to be busy and flat out or nothing and down in the dumps. Working is good yet awful, but it's a job and i need the money. I wish things were simpler and that winter was real in Sydney, also that a nice loaf of bread was less than $5. I have too much to do, i don't know where to start, and no doubt how ever hard i try in class i'll do badly and hav to start again. Sorry bout this post.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

itis isnt it

we just had a huge storm here in sydney, itwas enormus and scary! im home alone again thought, with my housemates out being all very into easter. This week is going to be a different one with new beginnings again. Im unsure how much change i can really bare. Work is an exhasuting change and this housemate transition, a lonely one. Might have to bake a cake tomorrow and invite someone over for tea. I then have to work thought, and work makes me awfully tired. I'd like a velvet jacket and a new coat of somekind, i want to buy things and hide and watch the rain outside. Ive been drinking alot of tea, trying to feel better about things. Maybe, perhaps i will go shopping on ebay again.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Crafty days

hi there, i got up today not feeling too well! but i forced myself to get up and im glad i did, things feel much better now and the coffee helped alot!
I began with porridge and then went to the large cup of coffee, then cleaned up a little, i do like having a clean kitchen, so that instantly made me feel better! then i bummed around on the internet as usual and started creating little houses out of cardbourd and fabric and listening to belle and sebastion (:
this was a great idea! i feel much better! i also cleaned more and made my dinner for tonite! it really has bin such a productive day and i haven't even left for work yet! i think it says alot for getting a good nights rest with less stress on the mind (:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

getting better

ive been very busy lately, i started a new job you see, a job at coles! i spent the majority of the time being terrified for the first week! but im likely its stability and having somewhere else to go where i am needed and rewarded. I always thought id hate having to work, but it's good, rather exhausting but good. And i like wearing a uniform now and then, i feel like one of the many and i can hide a little. It's a bit like having two different lives really. But i like it, it creates change and difference!
Uni is overwhelming thought, i have an awful lot to do! i drank a bottle of wine fridy nite at a friends to relax and forget about things for awhile and have fun! i woke the next morning with such a sense of wellbeing and no exhasting feeling atal. I put on my work shirt and got on my way! i came home to my dearest flat mate and her cheery smile!