Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mint Chocolate and burnt soup

i just decided to go for a small walk today, up the street near my flat. I found a wonderful book shop where i wondered around until the vertigo told me i should really ly down. This bothered me so i moved on trying to make the best of the sunny day around me. Kepet walking down the road and did a loup back to my flat, passed out into my couch and watch love my way. This is how i spent the rest of my day until my friend pepper came and kept me company, we watched red dwarf and ate alot of chocolate and leftover felafels an humus. Good afternoon all in all until i decided id atempt uni that evening. Catching to bus i was rather light headed but ready! with my walkman handy i felt good. When arriving i ran into my teacher after waiting in the hall for ten mintues or so, she was very confused to why i was here. Turned out my class wasnt for another hour and id made the mistake to come an hour early. Distraught and feeling awful once again i wondered to the bus stop almost getting hit by a car that i didn't hear coming.
Straight home again under the covers i rest up eating leftover soup that i burnt and watching spicks and specks.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Another day

Today went alright ended badly, sitting in a lecture truely intrigued by the topic! 4 hours later hunger sleepiness and a need to relax and perhaps recieve a bunch of flowers or a hug.
Walking home i collected some packages and came back to my dearest flat made moving out, this saddened me and i sat down and ate some biscuits id saved for this certain time of day.
Now i still sit down waiting for a sign for me to get up.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another dizzy day

Today i shall venture out to uni and try to learn some things i didn't know about before. I have to get there first as i havent left the house in two days,
But i feel it's time to see if the world is still spinning outside as it was before!


Let us just say that this is a new world that im in, i look around and feel like im in a dream. This would usually be the biggest most wonderful thing to ever happen! until the women infront of me can't understand why i don't understand her simple question. Unsure if this unfortunate event was necesary and if any of this blog entry makes sense, but just saying i went to the doctors the other day to figure out my odd dizziness. It would be vertigo he said and i needed to relax and ly down, it's been days now and ive watched coutless tv and lit many a candle.
Tomorrow im going to try and go to uni without getting hit by a car.
And perhaps it may then go away.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A week back at uni

This week has been a rather busy/slow week, im started back at uni and found myself incredibly overwhelmed with information and ideas. Knowing where to start in this sitation can be rather scary.
Ive also been suffering a mild bit of vertigo which has stopped me doing an awful lot, so here i stay inside most days watching gilmore girls and trying to sort the weeks new information out.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Back in Sydney town

Im back in my other world/life, i seem to have two, it is awfully confusing and not as cool as you might expect. Each world/life has both ups and downs which i cannot decide which is more useful or handy than the other. One is where i live my dream and the other is comfort and safety, it's rather hard as i cannot choose one or the other. I shall stay put for now and keep going back and forward, planes aren't so bad although they can be noisy and overwhelming.
I also went back to uni today and i enjoyed it, it was an art theory course based on contemporary art, ive always hated contemporary art but i may be growing to like it and enjoy it more, this makes me very excited. Remembering why i left the comfort and safe world after all.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A day for winter

Winter's here although the suns still out, this song is wonderful!

It's been a long time

Dearest people out there who may be reading this or may not be, im sorry it's been such a terribly long time since i last signed in. Ive been having the biggest array of adventures, ive had visits from my small town friend and have followed her back down to the town where i grew up for a small visit.
It's been flat out coffee catch up and constant dinner arrangments and meet ups at the pub!
but it's good and really nice to see eveyone i can udnerstand why they stay it's very comfortable here and the safest place ive ever known!
in saying that im stil unsure about coming back to live here, it's beauty and fresh air always seem to draw me back in though.