Monday, 27 June 2011

A day spent well

Today i woke up early with a plan to get out of my rut!
i started with a large walk around the park and noticed that the ducks again seemed to be acting rather oddly as if perhaps they had somekind of secret. I shall go back tomorrow and see though.
When i got back i finally cooked some vegan brownies and let them sit for awhile.
Then i sat down to try and finish of a painting and stare out my windows thinking up some new ideas and thoughts.
Then itwas lunch time and i had a rather yummy dahl soup that id made last night for dinner.
Staring out the window again i jotted down some ideas, read a little and tried a brownie (:

Tasmania, backwards, beauitful, landscape, fresh, green

I just recently read something that hugely shocked and disapointed me about my home town. I grew up in a small town in Tasmania and only recently moved away last year, everytime i go back i remember why i left. It's such a beautiful green and fresh place but part of the society is so backward that it worries me greatly, homophobia, racism, mcdonalds and kfc being a part of everyday life. Why would i want to go back to to place where the different is severely hated and mocked. 
I wanted to leave for years and i did and am happier than ever, but also saddened as it has beatiful people and landscape that ive always loved, it has the freshes air in the world and the most wonderful wether which i miss greatly, but people they make your decisions for you sometimes and often the its the people around you not the enviorment that makes you move.

Friday, 24 June 2011


Hello today, i slepted almost 12 hours and i wasn't even tired, my bed is just far too comfortable and amazing. I think i need a plan to make it less comfortable otherwise i shall never get up.
Sleep is just the most amazing thing in the world tou can delve into your own little world make up stories and actually live them with actually being safe and well at the same time and constantl being able to escape if things get too much.
This is why i can never get out of bed, it's the best place to be and i often never want to leave.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A day in the park

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, It begun with vegan banana pancakes with my dearest friend Juliet. Then we went for a big walk in the park and fed the ducks and the aggresive swans. I wish everyday was like this.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The house

Where i live has it's ups and downs, it's small yet big, moldy and smell but has an awful lot of charm.
We also have a phone that randomly rings alot and we are unsure wether we should answer it or not, it scares me anyway as im not used to having a home phone again.
There are bits and bobs floating around this place that my flat mate Rosie brings home, including random branches of things and candles in jars that never get lit besides at special occasions.
I like this place apart from the dirt, it has it's own place.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The past week

Goodmorning all/ afternoon for some
it has been a rather busy week in the end with many shenanagins happening that were most unexpected, included making muffins with 8 year olds and prepaing to go to an jumping castle party!
Now that i think about it you may think im somekind of kids party planner but i really really not! these things just seem to happen to me, i might as well be an eight year old who wants to make muffins and go on a jumping castle.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My first Book

Here itis my very first illustrated and written book, im proud yet confused about it at the moment! i'd love any feedback though (: (:

Todays plan

Today i plan to spend it painting and staring out my window thinking about perhaps moving to scotland in the next few years to follow around belle and sebastion and maybe buy a tartin scalf. Also have an wonderfully/scary new art work to post soonish which i shall show you very very soon once i get it photographed and sort my head out on this fine morning (:

No ones following me yet

Dear fellow bloggers im new excited yet terrified, im alrite yet thrilled, yes it's all happening.
Please look at my newly pimped up blog, yes i just said pimped up, but i felt it was very much the rite thing to say at this point in time (:

Mulled wine and pie 2

Ive lately been having evening with my friend juliet where we eat excessive amounts of food and often make mulled wine, these nights make me so very happy and conten, so i just wanted to tell you all that you should all take time out of your day to relax and have some wine and pie (: (:

Mulled wine and pie