Born and growing up in Tasmania has had alot of  influenced over Alice's practise , particularly her childhood which she has always had trouble getting away from. She moved away from home at nineteen to study Art in Sydney and she has gradually taken parts of everyday life over the years and written them down or drawn them in her many different notebooks and diary's . She is inspired by daily life, books, music and often she says her dad aswel. The materials she use's reflect this,  as it is mostly things that  have been collected over the years such as fabrics, buttons, embroidery thread, old paints,watercolours, paper and clothing. Her works begin from illustrations and lead to a wide range of mediums both 2D ad 3D . She creates characters that represent the stories that  she's been growing up around and still is. She often says that she perfers to firgure things out for herself, and by creating the work that she does, it  helps her figure things out.


Tasmanian summer school scholarship 2006
Road safety Tasmania graphic design award 2007
Solo Exhibition at Blue Cafe Launceston Tasmania 2009
Solo Exhibition at Utsi cafe Perth Tasmania 2009
Half a Desk Exhibition, Kudos gallery paddington 2012
COFA Annnual exhibition 2012
Woven Forms, Exhibition in Lan Cove 2013

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