Tuesday, 18 December 2012

That time of year again

I've always had very mixed feelings bout this time of year. It can often be very draining, both on the mind and the body. I've been in my home town for the last week or so, and i've enjoyed it, but i've had too much time to think. I keep wondering why itis that i look forward to big gatherings with family and friends, but when i get there i hide and talk to the cat or the nearest child. I'm trying very hard this year to get in the spirit, and act posotive so the people around me can. I always struggle this time of year, but i think you just have to remember your own values, and don't get too bogged down by the big things.

Friday, 14 December 2012

More Tasmanian adventures

I've been walking everywhere this past week, as the transport in Lauceston is terrible and everything is quite close to each other. Each time i want to go somewhere, i walk down the hill i live on and into the main park of town. I took many photos of things i'd forgotten about, and place's i used to go. It made me miss the place so much more, and i thought about staying longer next time. The place is really coming along, so many new cafes an shops! the art scene aswel! but i'm unsure if i could stay there forever anymore.

Half way down the hill i live on

The park near my old school

Local gallery

Skate park

My favorite place to get coffee, Croplines!

                                           The Milk Bar, a new cafe i discovered the other day. Turns out i new one of the owners! they also do craft workshops out the back!


Gingerbread house i made!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Not sleeping

I've only been home for around three nights. I was luckily drinking one night, so i fell asleep very easily in my old bedroom. But the past few nights it's been rather odd. I don't like it down there, it's harsh and full of memories, good and bad. I'm surrounded by a world that i had forgotten and escaped from so i could be myself in another city. I almost moved to sleep in the loungeroom, but the effort of dragging my bedding up the stairs stopped me. I tried again and managed to fall asleep at around 1am.
I want to be able to sleep in that room, but it's so very odd and i just keep thinking about being sixteen and hiding from whatever it was that i was angry or upset about at the time.

Home again

Only arriving two days ago, i've wandered all through the town that i grew up in and smelt more flowers than i have all year. I've talked with many old friends and had a drink at my favorite pub. It's an odd old town full of mixed memories, good and bad though. These memories are all over the place though from the supermarket to my very own bedroom.
I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, so much is going to happen and so many memories created. Christmas is coming and this weekend i shall help my mum buy a tree! i want to like christmas more than i do, it's hard though sometimes when theres other ideals and adventures on your mind.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

city adventures, christmas, buses, painting, craftiness, Sydney views

It's definately been a very odd week and a half. The wether i think has effected my brain and made me wonder the streets of sydney in wonder and enthusiasim. Im going home to Tasmania in less than a week, so i wanted to get my fix of all things Sydney, before i go home to hide from the city for awhile. I forgot how much i love Sydney in the summer, it definately has a different atmasphere to any other city i've been too. It comes alive again and everyone is out and about, getting sunburnt and taking bad photos of the operah house and darling harbur.