Tuesday, 20 March 2012

HI there

hi there, things are alrite, their kind of perfect, which is oddly hard to handle. Today i went to uni and well im glad to be back in the creative mind set properly. I've bin excited about the beginnings of autumn thought, i think it might be the best Autumn yet! i want crisp air and cardiens, hot tea and hot cross buns! i've been talking to my dad alot of late, my current art projects about the letters he sent me when i first moved to sydney. I like the idea, but looking over the letters again, so much had changed in such a small amount of time, it's quite scary really. Im glad for the change though and the future ahead! i just need to feel more content and less scared by the promise of change.

Monday, 12 March 2012

hello there

hello here everyone! things are back on track with the world of university. I am on track with assesments and the creative thought process that follows it. I'm trying to get more structure in m life, and i even have a job interview at coles tomorrow! which i am actually quite terrified about, i need this job, i need the money, the structure and the general idea that i am needed in an area at somepoint at some time.
Listening to alot of music too though, and hanging out with friends who are quite lovely and good, im lucky to have them. I'm defiantely growing up, i can feel it, the bob is growing out and i'm beginning to feel and itch to stop drinking so much.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Autumn thoughts

Hey there, ive been thinking alot lately about the wether and this time of year. i always look forward to it, the begining of my favorite season, the begining of a new school year and the begining of that hopefully feeling that it will be a better year and things will change. I always get the same nastalgic feeling of being at home in my winter blue school uniform, being half asleep, eating toast wondering if i can get out of school tomorrow, or i could just pretend to be sick again.
Now im in a bit of a better spot, living in sydney studying art, but it's good,but i want the wether, the wether with real fresh air, and i honestly thought id be a bit smarter by now and that i could spell and perhaos even write a sentence that makes a bit of sense.
i like you thought, you that listens and msot liekly judges but hides it so i dont get upset thank you!