Sunday, 11 August 2013

silly Alice

I've always had it in my mind that oneday soon something wonderful will happen and everything will be okay. I shall be on talk shows when i'm old talking about my terrible high school life and that time tripped up the stairs and skidded alongside the lockers. My friend Austin once told me, he was going to make a comic strip of this even for the pretend newspapers that we were making in grade seven. I still cannot remember if he did or not. But i feel like it was an important thing to discuss with the host of the show. I really hoped it would be Micheal Parkinson, but i feel he would not be around. Even Stephan fry would be amazing! we could discuss our confusion over everyday things and how we both love to spend alot of money on useless things, but at the end of the day we both just want to hide out and be comfortable. I am getting the stage where the thing has not happened yet, and it must hurry as i constantly feel like i am running out of patience and energy waiting for it to happen. Perhaps i shall event something! or become a hero of somesort. I've had so many ideas of great career changes this year that i don't want to start one just incase i change my mind again. Heres a few, nurse, comedian, vegan chef, kindergarten teacher, nanny, stripper ( we've all thought of it), so there a small list of the main ones, but i still would like to illustrate childrens books, its just a matter of actually writing and drawing them, instead of staring at my ceiling thinking about sleep.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New drawings

Hello there, it's been quite a lovely month it has! i had quite a journy in Tasmania and managed to produce a few drawings!

Thers a few more, have a look in my Drawings page!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I've recently been coming more and more frustrated with the fact that i cannot find any shoes that i like aswel as feel comfortable enough to wear. I don't like to wear leather as i am vegan so that cuts out a huge range of shoes, i also want black ones, and i also like them without heels. So this already makes it very difficult. This often ends in me buying the same shoes again, i've done this many a time including primary school with a pair of runners i got in great one. I remember my mum baught me a new pair before these ones, that i thought i liked, but i wasn't completely sure about. I figured i'd just get used to them anyway. But the next school weel i had a doctors appointment so i was late for school and it was sport that day so i wore the shoes for the first time. As soon as i arrived and walked towards the class room in these shoes i began to feel very self conciouse and anxiouse, i felt like a giant and my shoes like platform boots. I then proceeded to cry and i made my mum take me home and get changed.

This makes me think i'm a little mad and i never thought i was this fussy . But over the last few weeks i've desperately wanted some new lace up boots. I was jsut going to buy the same ones again but they are no longer made. So i figured this was a great chance for a change, and maybe this would be good for me. But i have ended up spending lots of money on shoes that i buy that i think i like but i never wear, or i do wear but chance throughout the day.
I decided i should try another depserate atempt today as on my way to work today the entire sole of my shoe came out. This was it i was going to make a real effort. But i ended up coming home early and atmepting to sew up the heel of my shoes and planning to buy new lace's instead.

Oh i also forgot to mention my many atempts to cut off heels from shoes both succesfull and disastrusly. Mostly disastrously though.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

More drawings and feeling sick

Hey there, all week i've been really sick and was bed ridden for three days. My wonderful housemate took care of me and braught me food and tea even when i was half asleep and couldnt manage to say much, but mumble and go back to sleep. Whenever i get sick i tend to get a bit down as i am bored and want to do stuff but i just feel way too rotten to. I ended up watching an awful lot of Degrassie and becoming very aware again of teenage anxst. I ended up having all these crazy fever dreams about being back in high school and being miserable and scared all the time. This stent of being sick has made me apreciate feeling better the majority of the time! and actually being able to stomache coffee and leaving the house without feeling faint and seeing double whilst i walk.

I also finally put up some more drawings that i did awhile ago! i hope you like.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

so many stories

I've been rather under the wether of late as i have said before. This has led me to think an awful lot and wonder about whilst lying in my bed and listening to the Decemberists and watching endless youtube videos and reading childrens stories. It made me decide that i'm not satisfied with the world around me, and i don't think i ever really have been. Sure i am surrounded by lovely people but i want a more mystical world full of fairies and elves and adventures with dragons and beasts. I often think the life of a hobbit would be the best kind of life!
So if you are with me, i think we should run away and start our own land where we live in small houses made of wood we've found lying around and all the animals wear vests and scalves in the winter to keep warm, and sun hats in the summer.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Editting everything

Why hello there. Last week i began to completely reorganise my blog! this is still happening but when it's all done it shall be much better i tell you :)
the restve my week has been rather off, i've been catching up with lots of friends and well lets say drinking alot and trying to forget about the important things for awhile. Of caurse this didn't really work and im thinking about doing dry July. Im unsure wether this shall happen, but i may just try. I just love wine! but no i am going to go on a health kick and eat humus and go to bed at 10pm everynight and listen to more Stephen Fry.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Hey there, i've been thinking about it of late and i wish to travel to a country far far away and hide for awhile there. I shall draw everyday and bake everyday. I've had a little holiday these past few weeks, i haven't been working so much so i've managed to do some drawing oh and i actually got to bake some rather yummy vegan muffins the other day! Things will get very busy soon though and so i shall get to it and show you what i've been up to.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

More drawings!

Today did end up being quite productive i did a few more drawings and i did bake that pie in the end and some rather weird biscuits.
Also going to start drawing some new illustrations for a friends small story!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Oh hello there, today is quite lovely isn't it? the sun appears to be quite sunny and i don't have to work today. Today i can do whatever i wish to do. So i am wokring on updating things and getting organsed and later i may even bake a pie or even a cake of some kind.

A new drawing i finished the other day

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Im sorry

I'm quite the terrible blogger i am. I must say i have been very busy thought. I've been doing lots of crafty things with another job where i help create window displays out of paper! also trying to keep up with silly old uni. I don't think i've ever quite looked forward to my bed at the end of everyday this much before, oh and also a nice cup of tea and a squiz on tumblr at all the pretty pictures. 
From all this work i have had big pockets, not so much now though as my fettish for clothes is back big time! i just keep buying things none stop! it's very silly as i must save! but i do love a new dress although the first time i wear it i get crazy anxiouse and often end up changing into another one.
you must forgive me as i shall now show you some lovely pictures :)

Heres a sneak peak of what i've been up to the last few months or so

Cafe times with Tim and Jane

Vegan peach upside down cake

Early mornign sketches at Badde mannors

The chocolate factory down the road from my new home

Entertainent in Woolworths

Old friends visit

Knit Knot and Weeve opening

Jens lekman at Oxford arts factory

Home made dinner with Bill and Pepper

Greedy cat down by the station

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


It has been awhile, as a lot has changed! i have a new home and a new job and an upcoming Exhibition which is all very exciting indeed!
i will be exhibiting an piece i created about the letters that me n my dad wrote to each other the first year i moved to Sydney. This piece was very special to me and i enjoyed making it a lot! so come along if you can and say hello :)

Here is also an article about the show

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So very very much change

This past month i have returned to Sydney, found a new job and a new home. I am yet to move but am staying with friends until i can get the movers back again. Things were crazy, but now there settling down. I'm almost unsure what to do next. I want a home again. I'm moving quite far away from where i am at the moment, which scares me but also excites me. I need change, i wanted change, it's just a little overwhelming.

Monday, 28 January 2013

A kind of new beginning in a way

I've managed to get a new job at an art supplies store, i've managed to become homeless in the next 2 weeks, i've managed to throw out alot of stuff, i've also managed to get through the first month of the new year without  crawling into a heap.
Moving is much harder than i thought it would be. Finding the perfect house in the perfect location has never been so very important. I want to be happy, content and feel better, but i want a house, i want a garden! it's all about what i want, but not about feeling just happy to be alive and have potential to live in a new home. My stuff is all in boxes and piling up in my old room. This room doesn't feel like mine anymore, this makes it very hard to sleep in it. I thought about putting everything into storage and running away for a bit. This may not help my new found change in life but destroy its secure structure. So i must be me, alice old me, and stay sane whilst i move on with things.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thoughts of winter

It's been awhile im sure. But winter should be here, im sitting next to my window with the steaming hot sun blaring at me and reminding me it's still here, and shall be for alot longer. Summer definately has its benefits, but in all it is fake and rediculus! it's full of crazies with no shirts on and loud people who don't know when to shut up. I need winter back so i can sleep better at night.

Making a quilt in hope for this.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


It's odd how i often want to be by myself when hanging out with people, but when i do get to be by myself i want to be around people again. I can never seem to get that feeling of being content anymore. I reached it once, and itwas wonderful and the pure bliss that i felt was like nothing else. It was when i first moved to Sydney! i knew what i was doing was the right thing and it felt so good and that i was in the right place at the right time. Now i'm so unsure, i've started to regret some of my choices and decisions ive made over time. Maybe i should of done more or taken advantage of things or even been a bit meaner and not thrown around. I don't mean to be such a downer, but i can't stop thinking at the moment, and having so much time on my hand creates too much thought, and it often leads to excessive over thinking.

Friday, 4 January 2013

i best start quilting now

Back on my feet i am, and looking forward. I spent the day with jane, we had nibbles in hyde park and looked at pyjamas. I wanted to watch lord of the rings aswel, as many cannot beleive that i haven't yet. So far i've seen the first, but i cannot wait to see the others! i beleive a hobbit has the perfect lifestyle, and i hope to go to New Zealand one day and find it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

An Overwhleming Christmas in Tasmania

The past few weeks have been filled with friends, family, nastalga, fear, saddness, hope, regret, confusion, memories, new people, new relationships, old relationships, comfort, love, anger and food.
It's been wonderful and great  but things need to settle down now. I'm back in Sydney now and looking for change and a new direction to take me and lead me to a place where i will be more content and comfrotable. I've been surrounding myself with lovely people and hiding from the horrid ones, i wish i could be more brave and be able to put up with the nasty ones, but i honestly have no time for them, and i'd rather just meet more people that will hang out with me in a park and read n talk about such things that are on our minds.

                                                                 Ginger Bread house

A real Christmas tree

Vegan Blueberry cheesecake

Soy ice cream with home grown rasberries

The rasberry farm

Vegan Christmas dinner

The Gorge

Tasmanian coles

Local Farmers market