Saturday, 14 November 2015

Post Travels

I've recently returned from a trip i took to overseas for around two months. I had saved up for years to take this trip,  and now being back i only wished i stayed longer. I feel so safe now though, being home and back on the small island that is Tasmania. I have always felt safest in this place, nothing too much ever happens, there are real seasons, the people are nice, the beer cold and the town quiet. Nothing intimidating, nothing too scary and many friendly faces. It's always very hard to come back from such a big trip, and i find myself getting older everyday, and panicking about where i should be in my life. As of right now i am living back in the house i grew up in with my parents and desperately trying to find a job so i can pay off my credit card. I just keep finding myself lying in the sun with my cat manny avoiding any kind of responsibility. Maybe i could be a writer, maybe i could be an illustrator, maybe i could be a florist, the list goes on, sometimes i wish i studdied better at school so i may have a real job and no money worries, but at the end of the day, i know id be bored.