Sunday, 19 February 2012

early day

I woke up earlier than usual today and i also went to bed later than expected. I feel sleepy but i cannot go back to bed. Im up and all very fuzzy with all the different morning topics going over in my head. I tried to write alot last nite in my diary to figure out how i from feeling, i even listed the many different moods ive been feeling, which to me made me feel a little silly. I've got the oddest things on my mind like, i wonder if theres any mail, i must get organised for uni and the holicost. I really should of never watched shindlers list,  i hardly new anything about the holocost before, but now i tend to think about it most days. I also have a weird respect for Liam Neison now aswel.
I think it's time for a walk now and music with a bit of explanation.

Friday, 17 February 2012

a posotive day

I told myself earlier today that i would finally right about how suprisingly posotive i have been of late, and i'm not sure why. But after watching Across the Universie things have gone down again. I'm okay that the thing im just a medium of mood, it's odd and not normal. I feel a little crappy, i would say it may just have something to do with all that darn drinking we all tend to do. Friends will help though, and i have such lovely ones aswel! i can hear my housemate getting up now after a daytime nap (:
yes well i need to learn how to spell and write properly before i atempt this again.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Another day another no dollar

Hi all! yes its me the poor winginging alice who cant spell and is rather often proud of it!
Another day, when i woke up at 9:30am and thought i might as well go back to sleep, it's comfy here and theres people out there, and it's much safer in bed with my teddy bear sooty and bobby. Im excited for baby sitting in the next few days though! as i shall get some money and i get to see the lovely kids that i babysit! their wonderful and so entertaining. I think i enjoy it a bit too much sometimes, as they have so many cool toys and dvds. We watched the lion king last time and i made them all sing along as i was doing it anyway. Im excited yet oddly confused aswel. I want to travel like my friend tim is. I will though oneday, when i stop buying doona covers instead of saving up to go to Scotland.

Give me a job world!

Im a little down of late with being jolly at the same time. I couldn't even afford a coffee yesterday and golly gosh it was a rather depressing feeling. I keep thinking that im going to end up like jermey from peep show living with my buisness type friend who im awkwardly living off. It's getting to the stage where i feel i will never survive without my parents and centrelink. Im sad and think that someone should hire me as ive begged or employment from them! and im nice im not horrid i enjoy helping people id be better than most people who work at kmart i promise you!