Thursday, 25 April 2013

More drawings!

Today did end up being quite productive i did a few more drawings and i did bake that pie in the end and some rather weird biscuits.
Also going to start drawing some new illustrations for a friends small story!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Oh hello there, today is quite lovely isn't it? the sun appears to be quite sunny and i don't have to work today. Today i can do whatever i wish to do. So i am wokring on updating things and getting organsed and later i may even bake a pie or even a cake of some kind.

A new drawing i finished the other day

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Im sorry

I'm quite the terrible blogger i am. I must say i have been very busy thought. I've been doing lots of crafty things with another job where i help create window displays out of paper! also trying to keep up with silly old uni. I don't think i've ever quite looked forward to my bed at the end of everyday this much before, oh and also a nice cup of tea and a squiz on tumblr at all the pretty pictures. 
From all this work i have had big pockets, not so much now though as my fettish for clothes is back big time! i just keep buying things none stop! it's very silly as i must save! but i do love a new dress although the first time i wear it i get crazy anxiouse and often end up changing into another one.
you must forgive me as i shall now show you some lovely pictures :)

Heres a sneak peak of what i've been up to the last few months or so

Cafe times with Tim and Jane

Vegan peach upside down cake

Early mornign sketches at Badde mannors

The chocolate factory down the road from my new home

Entertainent in Woolworths

Old friends visit

Knit Knot and Weeve opening

Jens lekman at Oxford arts factory

Home made dinner with Bill and Pepper

Greedy cat down by the station