Wednesday, 13 May 2015

New drawings

Hey there all!

The past few weeks i've had the worst flu! and it has been a blessing. As i had some time off just to hang out at home that i really honestly needed. Most days i would get up have a cuppa and just begin drawing, i forgot how good it makes me feel and thats the real reason why i draw nothing else. It'd my kind of therapy. Also i decided to buy some more art supplies at the Lovely art shop Parkers in the rocks! i got lost but found it in the end and filled up my watercolour tin :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Tiny room

Recently i have had to change rooms to save some money, so i now have a tiny room in which to work, i often escape to the lounge room to work on the floor, but i do like to be amunst my things whilst working. At first the room felt cold and small and smelt strange, but today i added images of magazine clippings and interviews with some of my heroes. I feel like i shall sleep better tonight now. In my tiny cosy room where i can escape from things i'd rather not think about for now.

Monday, 4 May 2015


When i was around eleven i went through a huge phase of wanting to be a chef. I would come home from school and make up my own recipe's until i learnt that you really needed to follow one in a book first. Since starting to follow actual recipe's i began to bake all kinds of different things! i wold even have a pretend resturant where i would make my family sit at the table and i would take their orders and cook whatever they asked me too, it often tended to be such things as french toast, omlette's and toasted sandwhiches, all things that i got very good at making. My main dish though was pancakes! the first time i ever made them was with my friend Jessica and we completely ruined them and they looked like scrambled eggs and we called them scrambled AJ's. I never thought i'd make pancakes again. This was not the case though a few months later i gave it another go and i began to really love making them so much i would get up every single morning before all of my family and cook them all for everyone. I really loved being awake during such a fresh and beautiful time of day, it felt productive and i really enjoyed cooking for my family. This was all well and good until the cooking pancakes every morning when for an entire two months. To this day my sister still won't eat pancakes, she is now gluten intolorent and i am vegan! i still love making vegan pancakes tho!