Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A week of coffee, cafes, book shops, galleries and clothes!

Over the past week, my parents visited me in Sydney to see my end of year exhibition! aswel as heading to that, i took them on many different adventures around the city. I tried my best to show them wonderful food, art and the people that i've met up here ever since i moved from Tasmania three years ago.

 A few photos of our adventures over the past week!

Friday, 23 November 2012

A long awaited visit

This week my mum came to visit me from Tasmania. I haven't seen her in months, so it was very exciting to see her again. We've been eating none stop and exploring Sydney's best cafes and book shops. My dad then joined us, as last night was my end of year exhibition for Art school. It was so very overwhelming and nerracking. But it was a great night, and i was so very releived my family and friends were so very wonderful to me. Although the free alcahol was box wine, it still went down very well, and i got home after wondering up the hill from the event and landed on the couch with corn chips and humus in my lap.

Photos from our weeks adventures

                                                                Newtown cemetary

                                                                      Centenial park

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wondering days

I headed off today in my favorite dress and a posotive,  yet inquisative outlook on things. I wondered down my street heading towards the park, there were so many purple blossoms about falling off the trees! and as i kept walking into the park there were so any more beauitful sights, down by the river and across the park near a swamp where i took heaps of photos and wandered around listening to frogs and looking out for interesting on lookers and passers by. I wondered all the way back into the city centre and ended my journey with a tofu burger at my favorite cafe (: successful days help alot, it's nice to get lost in your own imagination for awhile.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Artful day!

Today started off a little rough, but i got back on my feet and went for a bit swim to rid of my bad grumpy mood. I started to paint when i got back and plan out gift ideas for christmas presents! i started to sew and make things, i felt even better! and as i got more excited about things i decided to bake some scones and take them over to my friend Natalies house to share with her and her housemates! yum!

Vegan Scones!

Bearded cat badge!

My messy desk of craftiness

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

An afternoon in paddington

Today i got up last, went for a swim and decided to see a friend for coffee. I wondered around the wonderful streets of Paddington where she lives and i couldnt help but wish i could afford to live there. Each house has such wonderful character but the people not so much. I walked into an over priced deli where i collecte free samples for afternoon tea, we then wandered in the rain and i headed home to atempt to become organised for the summer coming. I need a big change, so i made a list, hopefully i will do it and stop ignoring it.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Feeling a little low about the idea of being with someone, a relationship an idea that you will never be alone. But i see so many couples in cafes, shops wondering through parks, one minute they are smiling hoping each other is happy and then their fighting over why they sounded slightly anoyed when asked to drive them home. There is so much pressure put on when you label a relationship and it almost always ends and you risks so many friendships and oppurunites when your in this lustful bliss of half the time being terrified and upset and the other overly happy that it can be annoying and unecesary. Is it really worth all the stress or is it best just to buy a cat and get on with things and enjoy your own company, because you can always rely on that.


Today i slowly got out of bed and wondered around my cluttered apartment. Things are changing around here, we have a new house mate and im trying to drink less. I also caught up with  friend today the lovely Natali, we had coffee and a small lemon muffin which was wonderful! we talked about animal rights and how shes thinking of becoming a vegitarian. I like this girl this made my day and i went home to clean and stew up a lentil soup which i shall enjoy later tonite whilst i watch a bit of the old abc.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Final year textile peice

unsure if i like it, but i like cows and they deserve to be in portraits too

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A bit of the latest cafty Art

Portrait Ahoy
By Alice Rose Brickhill

a sydney summer

A little confused and a little warm, so very muggy i could do with a sweaty hug. the last few days have been such an adventure in my head. I've never felt so very confused but also clear. I haven't been at work all week and my friend ollie visited me from Tasmania the other day, his coming back now though as he missed his flight to Darwin. We went to the Aquarium today, itwas wonderful and the Dugons were beautiful and so very gentle and big. I really miss swimming again, i went the other day itwas wonderful but exhausting. i want to go again now and look at rock pools, swim with fish and explore. It's still awfully scary bit i'd really like to give it a try.