Thursday, 23 August 2012


well it's been a rather odd week but quite a wonderful one aswel! i got many assessments that were horrifying me out of the way! which sent me on a huge high! i also finally got my bear tatoo! which as terryfying as it all was, it would be one of the best decisions ive made. I felt kind of crazy aferwards, mixed reactions, compliments, self doubt from my parents. Im happy thought, and glad, i feel it was necesary and i like it. I want another one now though, i glad, releived. It's my b'day present to myself. Things are good, maybe i just need to find a new job, or go back to santaland.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I was in an exhibition the other day

Lace town 2011

By Alice Rose Brickhill

Exhibited at Half a desk, Kudos gallery paddington

Friday, 17 August 2012

remenising my dad and my spelling

i love these girls

A Bit of love less work

Getting a little frustrated at the world of work and tax, simple and easy things to hate but i often just wish i was still a kid, it would really be much easier. So far this evening i have tried to read a play upside down, finding out my rights at work, tried to be an adult by asking sensible questions and just feeling a bit meh and busy without actually being able to do anything. Oh and waiting for replies, so many replies that will make things better in the end.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

im okay how are you?

The past week i've been batteling the old flew, sleeping lots but still trying to go out and see friends at very important events. Im tired yet wide awake strangley though. I've been eating lots of vegimite toast but also thinking its time to get this bear draw on m neck! yes i must be brave and just go out and do it. Im not a very brave person so i feel it's most likely time now.
I've been very busy with uni, but also not so busy with uni, trying to stress less and get things back on track.
I can tell summer is coming and i'm going to have to grow up very very soon or i may be homeless next year.