Monday, 17 February 2014

Tassie times

These past few weeks have been wonderful, yet scary, heres some photos from the last few adventures i was on including a wonderful adventure to liffy falls with my mum!

Friday, 14 February 2014

New and old illustrations

Ride a bike and get away 
(Watercolour and ink on paper 2013)

escape with sleep
(watercolour and ink on paper 2013)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Oh hello

Hello there,

i must begin with yet another apolagee! lets just say that it has been a crazy start the new year, and one that i was not prepared for. Fingers crossed thought that things will settle down soon...
I am currently once again in my home town Launceston in Tasmania. I've been here for around two weeks so far, it's good and bad, i think i've made up for last year in the drinking department. But also maybe lost a few too many brain cells at the same time. I've never wanted to go out so much before, i'm usually such a nanna, but the idea of leaving and going out every night gets more and more appealing everyday i'm here. I've managed to do a couple of drawings, but i really should be doing more. I'm begining to miss Sydney, mostly my bed more than anything and the endless possibilities. I'm begining to notice the huge amounts of people missing from Launceston in my age group, this makes me remember why i left, and the releif that i have somewhere else to go. I love this town but i don't think i can handle another week of binge eating, sleeping and drinking.