Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Im not that lazy new things are coming

It's been a rather big few weeks for me! ive been sleeping, eating, drinking, talking, laughing, smiling an an awful lot of other cheezy things that envolve not doing much workor putting much effort into anything, unless that includes vegan baking. It's been my b'day and im now 21, getting old, unsure if this is really good or not, as i want to go back to being ten. Things were very much simpler back then and cake was all we wanted for our b'days. Now we want parties, presents and as much love as we can get. I can't say i don't want these things but i wish i wasn't so very depserate for them on this oneday a year.
I think we need to look back on our lives and maybe share a smile and a laugh with good friends and our famlies. B'days are special but often the sparkles and showiness of them is often un necesary and we must look at the simple pleasures in life. I was happy just to get to try vegan cheese cake for the first time on my b'day this year (: (: (:

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Big exciting weekend ahead

This weekend sees to be busy but jolly, with lots of guests and food and hopefully wine if this damn flu shall go away! i think i shall drink anyway im a silly person just like bear. But i love the sunshine thats been coming and damn it if im not going to celebrate another year of me attempting to grow up.

Love ALice!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Another day of rest

Being sick these past few weeks has been rather horrid so i decided fine! im going to stay in bed for a few days and do absaltley nothing until im well enough to go out. Watched alot of tv shows today, some of them better than others. i had a few icy poles and a little bit of toast! when im well im going to bake and have friends over every nite for wine and jenga and an awful lot of talking.

A day for pie

Ive been wanting to make a pumpkin pie for ages! and i finally did! its vegan nd yummy and was eating in less than 2 days (: my mum also visited me this week to look after me whilst i was at my sickest! but all good now resting up today with gilmore girls and alot of hot tea and sleep (: (: (:

Monday, 22 August 2011

A real protest rally day

Last sunday i went to a rally against the live export trade to indonesia from Australia. It is an absalutely awful thing thats happening that we all ened to stop. Im a proud vegan and this issue upsets me so very much! these are some of the photos i took of the day. It was a wonderful mix of people with  carrying all the same passion (:

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The repetition of textiles

My hands hurt my arms ache ive never knitted so much in my life! so i thought you should all see what ive been doing for a month or so and how i had a break and why it was so very nesecary to have.
They all also have their own about me, each and everyone one od them.

Things are better

Things seem good, busy but good. I don't really even have time to write this and it's hurting my fingers to type. Ive been knitting furiously for my textiles class, i have to come up with 40 samples of different kinds of ways to use knitting. It's been much harder than i thought but im on the home stretch and feeling better about things.
I also cleaned and rearanged my room today, im not good with change so im unsure if i shall sleep easy tonite. But it needed to happend and now i have more space to work and be as creative as possible.
Things are better, but i really should stop watching this silly tv in front of me.

An advenure through a graveyard, aswel as a picnic and a few other shenanagins

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Bad Manners

Theres this lovely place i often go, it has such gloriouse food!
it's fresh and vegitarian and oh so sweet i even took my lovely friend kat to eat.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Your not a vegitarian if you eat fish

Im sitting on my couch right now watching a lively debate on eating animals.
I thought it would be a good idea for me to watch this, and so to see both sides. I myself have been a vegan for nearly five years, i have never been deficient in anything that would of been caused by my eating habbits, and i beleive that you can lead a healthy life withough eating any animal products.
Watching this debate, they consistintly talked to people who called themselves vegitarians but they ate fish, due to the lack of connection with them and for health reasons. But fish also feel pain and have families aswel. You are not a vegitarian if you eat any kind of meat.
And thats my rant for the night.

Ginger Biscuits and their new home

Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Art works!

Here i have a few new paintings that ive bin working on for the past month or so. I hope you like them, their a little silly but i had fun doing them and unsure what i would do without this creativitive in my head.

Cafes, sun, rain and a rather sloppy frappe

Dear friends and people who i may not know, it was an odd kind of day today, it rained an awful lot yet the sun also shined an awful lot. It was an exhasting day, but i got a few things done. Saw a friend said good beye to another friend and welcomed another one into my home.
Once again i msut apolagise for the spelling i know its rather rotten. Im hoping that writing once or twice a day will improve it gastranomickly!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Today i slepted in, waking up to the sun shining throught my blinds once again! i was so very excited i thought i must leave the flat today! so i went for a small walk to find a present for my dearest friend Rosies birthday! i cirlcled the same shop six times until i decided on her gift, i hope she likes it i thought.
Then  baught a few boring old essentials and wondered back home to clean and organise and create my own mini stuido. This sudio being probably two metres by two metres and at the end of my bed :p
Room would be nice and more empty canvases to fill!
Today is good and im going to put my new dress on soon and go out to dinner!
things are better and i hope you are all well.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

art, bear, cute, drawing, illustration - inspiring picture on

art, bear, cute, drawing, illustration - inspiring picture on

i think i want this as a tatoo

Todays plan

Things are better, things are good, i have a new housemate and she braught more cook books!
Eating cake is swell and the sun is shining constantly! i feel like the rain ended at the right time and the sun came out when it was most wanted! i think i shall wear overals today and pretend to be ten again, because being ten is a much easier age to be.