Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Im not that lazy new things are coming

It's been a rather big few weeks for me! ive been sleeping, eating, drinking, talking, laughing, smiling an an awful lot of other cheezy things that envolve not doing much workor putting much effort into anything, unless that includes vegan baking. It's been my b'day and im now 21, getting old, unsure if this is really good or not, as i want to go back to being ten. Things were very much simpler back then and cake was all we wanted for our b'days. Now we want parties, presents and as much love as we can get. I can't say i don't want these things but i wish i wasn't so very depserate for them on this oneday a year.
I think we need to look back on our lives and maybe share a smile and a laugh with good friends and our famlies. B'days are special but often the sparkles and showiness of them is often un necesary and we must look at the simple pleasures in life. I was happy just to get to try vegan cheese cake for the first time on my b'day this year (: (: (:

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