Monday, 31 October 2011


Hello all!
im still awake yes as i over slepted thismorning, because my bed is just far too comortable. I want to laze around and play on my computer. There is little left to do on it thought, facebooks getting old and rather silly. I don't feel like watching constant tv series on my laptop. I would like a hug from my dad tho and my mum. Id like to be at home and be tucked in and read to with a cup of tea braught to me also. Im not going home for awhile, and i know i may be scared and worried about going back. Im flying back on christmas day, just to add some drama to my life. I want to bake i want to sew. Ive been embroidering all afternoon. I think i want to jump in the sea again. Perhaps i'll go and see my neighbour sam.

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