Monday, 5 March 2012

Autumn thoughts

Hey there, ive been thinking alot lately about the wether and this time of year. i always look forward to it, the begining of my favorite season, the begining of a new school year and the begining of that hopefully feeling that it will be a better year and things will change. I always get the same nastalgic feeling of being at home in my winter blue school uniform, being half asleep, eating toast wondering if i can get out of school tomorrow, or i could just pretend to be sick again.
Now im in a bit of a better spot, living in sydney studying art, but it's good,but i want the wether, the wether with real fresh air, and i honestly thought id be a bit smarter by now and that i could spell and perhaos even write a sentence that makes a bit of sense.
i like you thought, you that listens and msot liekly judges but hides it so i dont get upset thank you!

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