Friday, 14 December 2012

More Tasmanian adventures

I've been walking everywhere this past week, as the transport in Lauceston is terrible and everything is quite close to each other. Each time i want to go somewhere, i walk down the hill i live on and into the main park of town. I took many photos of things i'd forgotten about, and place's i used to go. It made me miss the place so much more, and i thought about staying longer next time. The place is really coming along, so many new cafes an shops! the art scene aswel! but i'm unsure if i could stay there forever anymore.

Half way down the hill i live on

The park near my old school

Local gallery

Skate park

My favorite place to get coffee, Croplines!

                                           The Milk Bar, a new cafe i discovered the other day. Turns out i new one of the owners! they also do craft workshops out the back!


Gingerbread house i made!

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