Monday, 16 March 2015

Another day

Hi there,

                   I seem to keep going backwards and forwards to a happy place and a sadder more self destructive place. I've always been like this, but when does it stop! when shall i feel honestly content. The past year i have experience what people like to say it the real world? i've been pritty much working full time and having a little more money than usual but nothing really to do with it so it gets spent on useless things and on my days off i find myself blind drunk at my local pub. Is this really what life is about? once you have that full time job, your just meant to stick it out and join the rest've the sheep on the train the central station, then change to bondi junction, to another place you never thought you'd hate until now. I find myself looking up pictures of other countries and dreaming of living in a forest with tree nimphs and elves who i spend my days with sketching them and learning about all there secrets. I'm unsure where this special place is! but i know i need to find it to be truely happy. Whilst i was in Tassie i came across and artist from America called Pheobe Wahl who's art i could really connect with! i hope you like it as much as i do.

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