Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mint Chocolate and burnt soup

i just decided to go for a small walk today, up the street near my flat. I found a wonderful book shop where i wondered around until the vertigo told me i should really ly down. This bothered me so i moved on trying to make the best of the sunny day around me. Kepet walking down the road and did a loup back to my flat, passed out into my couch and watch love my way. This is how i spent the rest of my day until my friend pepper came and kept me company, we watched red dwarf and ate alot of chocolate and leftover felafels an humus. Good afternoon all in all until i decided id atempt uni that evening. Catching to bus i was rather light headed but ready! with my walkman handy i felt good. When arriving i ran into my teacher after waiting in the hall for ten mintues or so, she was very confused to why i was here. Turned out my class wasnt for another hour and id made the mistake to come an hour early. Distraught and feeling awful once again i wondered to the bus stop almost getting hit by a car that i didn't hear coming.
Straight home again under the covers i rest up eating leftover soup that i burnt and watching spicks and specks.

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