Sunday, 19 February 2012

early day

I woke up earlier than usual today and i also went to bed later than expected. I feel sleepy but i cannot go back to bed. Im up and all very fuzzy with all the different morning topics going over in my head. I tried to write alot last nite in my diary to figure out how i from feeling, i even listed the many different moods ive been feeling, which to me made me feel a little silly. I've got the oddest things on my mind like, i wonder if theres any mail, i must get organised for uni and the holicost. I really should of never watched shindlers list,  i hardly new anything about the holocost before, but now i tend to think about it most days. I also have a weird respect for Liam Neison now aswel.
I think it's time for a walk now and music with a bit of explanation.

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