Sunday, 1 April 2012

getting better

ive been very busy lately, i started a new job you see, a job at coles! i spent the majority of the time being terrified for the first week! but im likely its stability and having somewhere else to go where i am needed and rewarded. I always thought id hate having to work, but it's good, rather exhausting but good. And i like wearing a uniform now and then, i feel like one of the many and i can hide a little. It's a bit like having two different lives really. But i like it, it creates change and difference!
Uni is overwhelming thought, i have an awful lot to do! i drank a bottle of wine fridy nite at a friends to relax and forget about things for awhile and have fun! i woke the next morning with such a sense of wellbeing and no exhasting feeling atal. I put on my work shirt and got on my way! i came home to my dearest flat mate and her cheery smile!

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