Wednesday, 22 May 2013

so many stories

I've been rather under the wether of late as i have said before. This has led me to think an awful lot and wonder about whilst lying in my bed and listening to the Decemberists and watching endless youtube videos and reading childrens stories. It made me decide that i'm not satisfied with the world around me, and i don't think i ever really have been. Sure i am surrounded by lovely people but i want a more mystical world full of fairies and elves and adventures with dragons and beasts. I often think the life of a hobbit would be the best kind of life!
So if you are with me, i think we should run away and start our own land where we live in small houses made of wood we've found lying around and all the animals wear vests and scalves in the winter to keep warm, and sun hats in the summer.

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