Sunday, 9 June 2013

More drawings and feeling sick

Hey there, all week i've been really sick and was bed ridden for three days. My wonderful housemate took care of me and braught me food and tea even when i was half asleep and couldnt manage to say much, but mumble and go back to sleep. Whenever i get sick i tend to get a bit down as i am bored and want to do stuff but i just feel way too rotten to. I ended up watching an awful lot of Degrassie and becoming very aware again of teenage anxst. I ended up having all these crazy fever dreams about being back in high school and being miserable and scared all the time. This stent of being sick has made me apreciate feeling better the majority of the time! and actually being able to stomache coffee and leaving the house without feeling faint and seeing double whilst i walk.

I also finally put up some more drawings that i did awhile ago! i hope you like.

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