Saturday, 3 September 2011

Love Lace

Today i got up and decided to check out an exhibition ive been meaing to for awhile. Itwas called Love Lace and was all about deconstructing lace in all kinds of different ways.  I walked in unsure of what to expect, was a little flustered with my note book and pen. Then atempting to take a photos dropped my camera which never recovered sadly. But i kept strolling on throught the darkly lit exhibition to find these wonderfully delicate art works made from lace by hand. I can describe how perfect and mystical this exhition was, i wanted to stay there all day and just look and feel all the amazing works. I think i may go back and sit there for awhile maybe watch the passers at the exhibit pass me by wondering if i'll ever leave.
I shall say no and sleep in the lace forest that was made.

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