Friday, 9 September 2011

Money troubles

Money is just one of those things, it only worries you when it's particully low. This has been happening to me for awhile of late my bank acount decreasing day to day, and being rather unsure how to get it back up to speed again. Im selling stuff on ebay, applying for an awful lot of jobs, including one as santas little helper at christmas time, which i acutally badly want! hopefully i shall get some calls soon but until thenmy anxiety is on the rise! and wether or not i should atempt to get my old job back is tempting me more and more everyday. But i wish i could live from my work, my art and be happy, times are tough and i don't want to end up being poor at 40, i should learn to save and hide money under my bed like our older generation did. They really were the clever ones really. We really should listen to them more.

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