Monday, 9 January 2012

Advice amazment

i thought you should all hear the most lovely advice and love one person good give from my wonderful friend and housemate!

we'll re-do our rooms and go scavenging for old treasures for our home, add more photos and do something different with out hair!... go op-shopping and ebay searching for clothes AND most importantly plan an overseas trip
i think we should spend a good amount of time researching the places we wanna see and work out how much we need to save and get motivated to do it!
lots of travel picture on the fridge to inspire us.... and an unbreakable money jar
we'll go out pebbling (not clubbing) and meet lots of interesting people
and we'll get ready for a very very productive year of uni
host more dinner parties
and cook much more fooood!
hahahaha pebbling?! i meant pubbing
i have to have a shower now... but please know i have plenty of wonderful things planned for when you get home to distract you!
oooh and more pilates... LETS GET HEALTHY
i wanna try vegan... so lets be healthy vegan food nazis... eats lots of veggies and exercise together every second day!
im off
you loads x

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