Sunday, 29 January 2012

Help me if you can, im feeling down

Another day of nothing, another day i can't seem to pick up a pen. I have all this time and nothing to do, im qutie down at the moment but trying to distract myself by writing and trying to get all my frustration out of my head. I even baked a loaf of bread today to distract myself! it worked rather well, even though itis a little sweet. Im trying so very hard to think of a way to make the most of all this time but i need work i need money i need a way of feeling happier and less sad and down in the dumps. I can't stop cleaning and looking out the windows. I shall be obese by june with all the baking i've been doing. I cannot get inspired, but i want change. Im getting more cynical about things and the people around me. I went for a walk today and got angry and wanted to shout abuse at every second person for just being them. IM ranting and this is a boring blog entry but you should know im here and slightly half awake in one way or another.

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