Monday, 28 January 2013

A kind of new beginning in a way

I've managed to get a new job at an art supplies store, i've managed to become homeless in the next 2 weeks, i've managed to throw out alot of stuff, i've also managed to get through the first month of the new year without  crawling into a heap.
Moving is much harder than i thought it would be. Finding the perfect house in the perfect location has never been so very important. I want to be happy, content and feel better, but i want a house, i want a garden! it's all about what i want, but not about feeling just happy to be alive and have potential to live in a new home. My stuff is all in boxes and piling up in my old room. This room doesn't feel like mine anymore, this makes it very hard to sleep in it. I thought about putting everything into storage and running away for a bit. This may not help my new found change in life but destroy its secure structure. So i must be me, alice old me, and stay sane whilst i move on with things.

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