Wednesday, 2 January 2013

An Overwhleming Christmas in Tasmania

The past few weeks have been filled with friends, family, nastalga, fear, saddness, hope, regret, confusion, memories, new people, new relationships, old relationships, comfort, love, anger and food.
It's been wonderful and great  but things need to settle down now. I'm back in Sydney now and looking for change and a new direction to take me and lead me to a place where i will be more content and comfrotable. I've been surrounding myself with lovely people and hiding from the horrid ones, i wish i could be more brave and be able to put up with the nasty ones, but i honestly have no time for them, and i'd rather just meet more people that will hang out with me in a park and read n talk about such things that are on our minds.

                                                                 Ginger Bread house

A real Christmas tree

Vegan Blueberry cheesecake

Soy ice cream with home grown rasberries

The rasberry farm

Vegan Christmas dinner

The Gorge

Tasmanian coles

Local Farmers market

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